Proceedings of PrimeLife / IFIP Summer School 2009 published

Proceedings of PrimeLife / IFIP Summer School 2009 published


The fifip_logo.jpgifth International Summer School organised jointly by PrimeLife in cooperation with the IFIP WG 9.2, 9.6/11.7, 11.4, 11.6 had been held in Nice, France, 7th - 11th of September, 2009.

The proceedings of the Summer School 2009 have now been published at Springer and are available online at Springerlink or may be purchased in print inter alia at,,


Table of Contents


Lifelong Privacy

Lifelong Privacy: Privacy and Identity Management for Life (Keynote Paper)
Andreas Pfitzmann and Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann

Delegation for Privacy Management from Womb to Tomb – A European Perspective 
Marit Hansen, Maren Raguse, Katalin Storf, and Harald Zwingelberg

Saving On-Line Privacy (Keynote Paper)
Jan Camenisch and Gregory Neven


Privacy for Social Network Sites and Collaborative Systems

Context Is Everything: Sociality and Privacy in Online Social Network Sites (Keynote Paper)
Ronald Leenes

The Freddi Staurs of Social Networking – A Legal Approach (Keynote Paper)
Eleni Kosta

Facebook and Its EU Users – Applicability of the EU Data Protection Law to US Based SNS

On the Security and Feasibility of Safebook: A Distributed Privacy-Preserving Online Social Network (Keynote Paper)
Antonio Cutillo, Refik Molva, and Thorsten Strufe


Privacy-Respecting Access Control in Collaborative Workspaces
Stefanie Pötzsch and Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann


Privacy for eGovernment Applications



A Three-Dimensional Framework to Analyse the Governance of Population Registers
José Formaz and Olivier Glassey

Use of ePassport for Identity Management in Network-Based Citizen-Life Processes
Chawdhry and Ioannis Vakalis

The Use of Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Biometric Systems Analysed from a Legal Perspective
J. Kindt

Privacy and Identity Management for eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living Applications

Assuring Privacy of Medical Records in an Open Collaborative Environment - A Case Study of Walloon Region’s eHealth Platform
Naqvi, Gautier Dallons, Arnaud Michot, and Christophe Ponsard

Goal-Oriented Access Control Model for Ambient Assisted Living
Fabio Massacci and Viet Hung Nguyen

Anonymisation and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Privacy of Outsourced Data (Keynote Paper)
Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati and Sara Foresti

Sharing Data for Public Security
Michele Bezzi, Gilles Montagnon, Vincent Salzgeber, and Slim Trabelsi

An Analysis for Anonymity and Unlinkability for a VoIP Conversation
Ge Zhang

PRIvacy LEakage Methodology (PRILE) for IDS Rules
Nils Ulltveit-Moe and Vladimir Oleshchuk

Identity Management and Multilateral Security

Digital Personae and Profiles as Representations of Individuals
Arnold Roosendaal

Anonymous Credentials in Web Applications: A Child’s Play with the PRIME Core
Benjamin Kellermann and Immanuel Scholz

Reaching for Informed Revocation: Shutting Off the Tap on Personal Data
Agrafiotis, Sadie Creese, Michael Goldsmith, and Nick Papanikolaou

Multilateral Privacy in Clouds: Requirements for Use in Industry
Ina Schiering and Markus Hansen

Usability, Awareness and Transparency Tools

PET-USES: Privacy-Enhancing Technology – Users’ Self-Estimation Scale
Erik Wästlund, Peter Wolkerstorfer, and Christina Köffel

Addressing the Privacy Paradox by Expanded Privacy AwarenessThe Example of Context-Aware Services
André Deuker

Secure Logging of Retained Data for an Anonymity Service
Stefan Köpsell and Petr Švenda

Adding Secure Transparency Logging to the PRIME Core
Hans Hedbom, Tobias Pulls, Peter Hjärtquist, and Andreas Lavén