H1.3.6 - Towards a Privacy-Enhanced Backup and Synchronisation Demonstrator

Jaromír Dobiáš, Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann, Stefan Köpsell, Sandra Steinbrecher

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This heartbeat deals with implications of lifelong privacy and identity management within the scope of the application area of protection against unwanted data loss. It demonstrates that there already exists an essential and useful area of a public interest – the area of backup and synchronization tools and applications – which can be enhanced by the proposed demonstrator in such a way that it corresponds to the objectives of the PrimeLife Project.

This heartbeat puts general high-level requirements elaborated in the heartbeat H1.3.5 into the context of the specific environment of the demonstrator and points out corresponding requirements and implications for the demonstrator adapted to the specific environment. It also clarifies our plans for further work, which will realize ideas of the demonstrator in the form of implementation of the core functionality and in the form of elaborated conceptual documentation.