D3.4.2 and H3.3.2 - Second Report on Standardisation and Interoperability merged with: H3.3.2 Overview and Analysis of Open Source Initiatives

Patrik Bichsel, Thomas Roessler, Jan Camenisch, Benjamin Kellermann, Gregory Neven, Franz-Stefan Preiss, Immanuel Scholz, Stefan Spitz, Rigo Wenning, Carine Bournez, Ulrich Pinsdorf, Kai Rannenberg, Eduard De Jong, Claudio Ardagna, Pierangela Samarati, Mario Verdicchio, Markulf Kohlweiss, Stuart Short, Karel Wouters, Robert Mueller, Michele Bezzi, Rigo Wenning, Filipe Beato, Joeri De Ruiter, Stefanie Pötzsch

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In this document we provide an overview of the standardisation and open source landscape related to privacy, trust, and identity management as of January 2010: We review technology platforms, and do a deep-dive on some particularly relevant technologies; we also survey the relevant standardisation organisations and survey open source projects relevant to the project. We further summarise the results already provided and still to be expected from the PrimeLife project, and put them into the perspective of this landscape. Thereby, we identify standardisation and open source opportunities for the project. This document also serves as a basis for further standardisation and open source strategy for PrimeLife. Indeed, PrimeLife values open source and open standards and has begun sharing its first results as open source software, public educational material and contributions to open standardisation bodies. These efforts are also explained in this document. This document is an update of the earlier (merged) deliverable D3.4.1/D3.3.1. and as such contains D3.4.2 (First Report on Standardisation and Interoperability) and H3.3.2 (Overview and Analysis of Open Source Initiatives).