D4.1.1 - HCI Research Report, V1

Simone Fischer-Hübner, Christina Köffel, Erik Wästlund, Peter Wolkerstorfer, Jan Camenisch, Ronald Leenes, Bergmann, Hans Hedbom, Maren Raguse, Benjamin Kellermann, Gregory Neven, John Sören Pettersson, Maria Lindström

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One of the core activities in the PrimeLife project is the design and implementation of privacy aware applications that are usable. Therefore it is the main objective of Activity 4 to assure the usability of those applications and advance the research in this area. The First HCI Research Report presents the main research results of the HCI activity within the first year of PrimeLife. The HCI Research Report V1 presents work in progress and will be updated and complemented by a second version, the Final HCI Research Report (D4.1.5), which will be published at the end of the PrimeLife project.