D4.2.1 - Trust and Assurance Control – UI Prototypes

Simone Fischer-Hübner, Jenny Nilsson, Maria Lindström, John Sören Pettersson, Peter Wolkerstorfer, Christina Köffel, Erik Wästlund

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This deliverable presents User Interface (UI) prototypes for a Trust Evaluation Function, which has the purpose of communicating reliable information about trustworthiness and assurance (that the stated privacy functionality is provided) of services sides to end users. For the design of this trust evaluation function, we have followed an interdisciplinary approach by investigating social factors for establishing reliable trust, technical and organizational means, as well as HCI (Human Computer Interaction) concepts for mediating evaluation results to the end users. Three iterations of mockups of trust evaluation function UIs that were produced and tested at Karlstad University's Ozlab are presented and discussed.