H1.3.7 - Second thoughts on the WP 1.3 demonstrator

Marit Hansen, Leif-Erik Holtz, Hans Buitelaar, Arnold Roosendaal, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Karel Wouters

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This heartbeat bases on and refines the general requirements for "Privacy for Life" (cf. H1.3.5) while applying the findings to the concept for the WP 1.3 "Privacy-Enhanced Backup and Synchronisation Demonstrator" (cf. H1.3.6). It takes the approach to add second thoughts to the conceptualisation and implementation phase of the demonstrator that can be more helpful to influence the design and to set the stage for the forthcoming work than the abstract requirements in previous heartbeats. In particular this heartbeat shows how socio-cultural requirements that have been identified and used already in PrimeLife's predecessor project PRIME can be applied to the demonstrator and which of these requirements are less relevant for it. Moreover it focuses on delegation issues and sketches possible extensions or refinements that should be considered when developing the prototype. Finally it depicts further use cases related to the demonstrator.