D1.3.1 - Scenario, Analysis, and Design of Privacy Throughout Life Demonstrator

Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann, Maren Raguse, Arnold Roosendaal, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Karel Wounters, Sandra Steinbrecher, Andreas Pfitzmann, Rainer Böhme, Stefan Berthold, Jaromir Dobiáš, Marit Hansen, Katalin Storf

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The main contribution of this deliverable to the research field of Privacy-Enhancing Identity Management Throughout Life consists in a comprehensive analysis of requirements. Those requirements comprise high-level requirements regarding issues of transparency, data minimisation, controlled data processing, user-controlled identity management, delegation, practicability, and change management. Further, more specific requirements from the socio-cultural and delegation points of view as well as from the actual nature of the envisaged demonstrator (which is backup and synchonisation) are being elaborated. Apart from the elaboration of requirements, solutions based on specific tools and mechanisms are described and discussed. This includes a list of recommendations for policy makers specially addressing lifetime aspects of privacy and identity management. In addition, this documents provides a extensive glossary of terms and concepts important to the given research field.