D2.4.1 - Final report on mechanisms

Pierangela Samarati

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The growing amount of information daily collected and produced by users and organizations has contributed to the success and rapid evolution of novel scenarios, where the techniques for processing, storing, communicating, sharing, and disseminating information have radically changed. Such scenarios, however, make it increasingly difficult and complex to guarantee that private and sensitive data are properly protected and to provide users with control over their own data. There are, in fact, new risks and new research challenges, whose investigation is crucial for the development of future privacy-enabled technologies and applications.
Goal of Activity 2 is to investigate open problems and research challenges towards developing new technological solutions and new mechanisms providing an effective response to different aspects of the complex privacy problem. This document describes the results obtained in Activity 2 in the third year of the project. After an introductory chapter surveying the different results produced by the Activity (appeared in the papers listed in the last chapter), the document illustrates in details - in a dedicated chapter - one specific contribution for each of the four work packages composing the activity.