D3.4.3: Final Report on Standardisation and Interoperability

Rigo Wenning, Hans Hedbom,Jan Schallaböck, Marc-Michael Bergfeld

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As expected, the standardisation efforts in PrimeLife did not end up in large specification work, but rather  in stimulating the Internet community into thinking more about privacy risks and challenges. PrimeLife contributed successfully to get Privacy back as a top item on the world's ICT agendas. It did so by organizing very successful workshops. The success forced PrimeLife to organize more workshops than initially planned in the description of work.
PrimeLife also contributed to the more abstract standardisation efforts going on in ISO. There the basic Privacy framework is elaborated and formalized into specifications. The liaison established with ISO/IEC SC27 WG 5 allowed PrimeLife to add major results into the framework developed in this venue.
Finally, Partner G & D provided an API specification to the Global Platform, an SDO for secured environment applications.