D1.2.2 - Privacy-enabled Communities Demonstrator

Stefanie Pötzsch, Filipe Beato, Joeri de Ruiter, Ronald Leenes, Hagen Wahrig, Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann

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This deliverable document is an addition to the three parts of the software for privacy-enabled communities that have been developed by different partners within PrimeLife work package 1.2.

To support users of social networking sites we created the first tool called Scramble! that allows encryption of texts on users' profile sites. Clique, an extension of the popular social networking site software Elgg is the second tool. It enables users to segregate between different audiences for their data. For users and providers of phpBB forums we developed a phpBB extension as the third tool. The extension upgrades the access control features of the forum software so that users instead of administrators can define who should have access to their own contributions.

This text document provides an overview about the key features of the three tools and explains how to install the software that is the core part of this deliverable.