H1.3.5 - Requirements and concepts for identity management throughout life

Katalin Storf, Marit Hansen, Maren Raguse, Andreas Pfitzmann, Sandra Steinbrecher, Arnold Roosendaal, Ulrich Pinsdorf, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Karel Wounters, Rainer Böhme, Stefan Berthold

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This report derives requirements and concepts for identity management throughout life, taking into account lifelong aspects of privacy and identity management which demand for a new consideration of legal and technical protection. This Heartbeat is a draft document presenting the current state of discussion in Work Package 1.3. Basing on H1.3.2 (the draft version of H1.3.5), this Heartbeat presents a multitude of requirements which have been refined by taking into account all other reports that have been elaborated in this Work Package, yet. These requirements form a basis for the further work, in particular on prototype development in Work Package 1.3. In addition it addresses stakeholders such as system developers, application providers, and policy makers by pointing out important issues to consider when setting long-term conditions of societal living and technological support. This Heartbeat is made public to enable public review and to foster input from other actors.