MediaWiki - Privacy enhanced access control extension

MediaWiki is a free Wiki software, which is used for many OS wikis (e.g., Wikipedia). For some purposes there may be a need for adjusted acess rights for pecific wiki pages to enhance the privacy of the user. This extension enhances MediaWiki by allowing fine-grained, user-controlled access control to wiki pages. Using the PRIME core, the access control may be based on anonymous credentials and all released data is logged within a data track. After having installed the extension, an additional “edit policy” tab is added to Wikipages. Naturally, it can be seen as a reference implementation, how the PRIME core can be used.
License Programming Language Operating System/Platform Category Intended Audience Download
GPLv2 MediaWiki 1.15 or higher MediaWiki, Plugin,

How to Use

In order to use the extension it is required to set up a MediaWiki and run a PRIME server on the server-side of the application platform as well as a PRIME client on the user’s device. Detailed installation instructions are given within the header of the PrimeAuth.php extension.

Target Audience

  • Providers of MediaWiki wikis
  • End users of MediaWiki wikis (no installation required)
  • Developers, looking for a reference implementation using the PRIME core

Further Information


File Size: 24,2 KB


Platform: PHP at least MediaWiki 1.15

Architecture: server-side extension of MediaWiki


License: GPLv2

Download: Privacy enhanced access control extension

Documentation: included in the .php files of the extension


References: MediaWiki community

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LastUpdate: 23.3.10