“Scramble your social network data!” - With Scramble you can selective enforce you access control preferences for your content on social networks like Facebook or Twitter ...

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Eclipse Public License Java, JavaScript, PHP platform independent, Mozilla Firefox Communications, Cryptography, Plugins and add-ons SourceForge

Scramble! provides a mechanisms for users to enforce access control over their own data. Its main target is to protect users from sharing sensitive information with Social Network Sites (SNS) providers. Scramle! allows the creation of a web of friends and by means of encryption to enforce access control. Scramble! makes it possible to create different groups of friends with seperate access to sensible data and allows transparent decryption.

Scramble! uses the OpenPGP standard as the encryption mechanism, and therefore builds further on the existing PKI infrastructure and key management model, allowing also "broadcast" encryption for multiple recipients. GnuPG also allows to perform anonymous recipient encryption by omitting the public key IDs from the encrypted blob, but is still vulnerable for active attacks. Apart from storing large amounts of encrypted data in a SNS, it is also possible to only list "tiny url" snippets, that refer to the encrypted data into a third server. In this way the problem of the large ciphertext size that currently grows linear in the number of users that are granted access is minimised, as well as the visual contamination of the SNS platform.

How to Use

The software is composed by only one component, scramble.xpi. However, the software is dependent on external software, such as Firefox and GnuPG.

  • Scramble is platform independent.

GnuPG: version 1.4.5 or higher

Java: version 1.6 or higher

  • (Linux & Mac) installed by default, use the Win32 link to update
  • (Win32) JVM

Mozilla Firefox: version 3.5.* or higher (mozilla)


Step by step installation guide:

  1. If not installed, install Mozilla Firefox
  2. If not installed, install GnuPG
  3. Download the extension from (1.106-TEST version)
  4. Open the scramble.xpi file with Firefox
  5. Use the Initialisation dialog (run for first installation) to configure the main preferences
  6. Run Settings dialog to change any extra settings
  7. Scramble! is up and running...

Target Audience

  • All social network users that are concern with privacy as confidentiality.

Future Plans

A full website about the software is being done. Just needing the license to be activated

Futher Information


Operating System: independent

File Size: 452 KB


Platform: Java 6

Architecture: client-server

License: EPL



Homepage: (A full website about the software is being done. Just needing the license to be activated)



Last update: March 2010