D4.1.3 - HCI Pattern Collection, Version 2

Simone Fischer-Hübnner, Christina Köffel, John-Sören Pettersson, Peter Wolkerstorfer, Cornelia Graf, Leif-Erik Holtz, Ulrich König, Hans Hedbom, Benjamin Kellermann

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One of the core activities in PrimeLife is the design and implementation of privacy-enhancing identity management systems and applications that are usable. Therefore it is one of the goals of PrimeLife Activity 4 to create an extensive HCI (Human Computer Interaction) pattern collection to providen guidelines on how to design usable user interfaces for privacy-enhancing systems and applications. The HCI Pattern Collection – Version 2 presented in this Deliverable provides HCI patterns developed within the first two project years, which should guide all PrimeLife activities that are developing user interfaces. The HCI patterns are structured into patterns related to privacy policies management and display, patterns for the visualisation of privacy information, patterns related to workflows and interaction paradigms as well as descriptions of interactive PET mockups.