D6.2.1 - Infrastructure for Trusted Content

Stephan Spitz, Walter Hinz, Marc-Michael Bergfeld, Jan Zibuschka, Thorsten Urhahn, Hans Borgs, Laurent Bussard, Anna Nano, Uli Pinsdorf , Stuart Short, Slim Trabelsi, Lars Janssen, Jan Schallaböck

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As the usage of information and communication technology increases in private and professional life, personal data is widely stored. While service providers need to rely on identifying their customers, conscious identity management and privacy develops into a new value for the service user, especially in the electronic service context. Here, modern technology infrastructures can assist in providing security to both sides by assuring identification and privacy at the same time. This paper introduces the ‘Security of Service’ concept and presents different technical environments through which it can be established. Privacy in service composition is elaborated conceptually and from a technological standpoint. Potential authentication scenarios and emerging use cases are introduced. In conclusion, implications for the needed technological infrastructures are derived and necessary future research directions are indicated.