D6.3.2 - Infrastructure for Privacy for Life

Ulrich Pinsdorf, Laurent Bussard, Stuart Short, Fatih Gey

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This report presents results from our research on privacy for Service Oriented Architectures. It consists of two parts that mutually influenced each other in course of the project. The first part gives a generalized overview of privacy-friendly data handling in cross-domain service compositions. We sketch a generic framework that describes the general processing steps to achieve privacy compliance and proper data handling. The framework abstracts from concrete technologies and policy languages and is thus intended to support implementation based on arbitrary technologies for service-oriented architectures. The second part shows the exemplary implementation of a job application scenario. We used this scenario both to generate and test ideas for the abstract privacy framework. Moreover, the demonstrator is the showcase for real integration and test of the PrimeLife Policy Language (PPL). The scenario has been jointly implemented by EMIC, SAP, and GD. We give technical insight in architecture and design of this demonstrator.