D6.3.3 - Scenario-based Evaluation of Privacy-enhancing Service Composition Solution

Uli Pinsdorf, Stuart Short

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In this deliverable we validate the technology for  privacy-aware service composition against the requirements that have been formulated in the beginning of the project. The requirements, defined in the public deliverable H6.3.1 expressed how privacy-aware services should be built from a legal, technical, and user experience point of view. For the evaluation of the WP 6.3 demonstrator, a workshop with participants from EMIC, SAP and ULD was held at ULD in Kiel, Germany from May 5th to May 6th 2011. Within this workshop, EMIC and SAP presented their current work on the eCV scenario and illustrated how this would work in practice.  All in all the evaluation showed that the WP6.3 demonstrator achieves the goal of being a working system that is in line with the privacy requirements developed. The current status of the demonstrator also illustrates that the requirements for privacy-enhancing Service-oriented architectures are application oriented and not too difficult to be addressed.