D5.3.4 - Report on design and implementation

Slim Trabelsi, Gregory Neven, Dave Raggett, Claudio Ardagna, Carine Bournez, Laurent Bussard, Michele Bezzi, Jan Camenisch, Sabrina de Capitani di VIMERCATI, Fatih Gey, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Sebastian Meissner, Gregory Neven, Akram Njeh, Stefano Paraboschi, Eros Pedrini, Sara Foresti, Ulrich Pinsdorf, Franz-Stefan Preiss,Jakub Sendor, Slim Trabelsi, Christina Tziviskou, Dave Raggett, Thomas Roessler, Pierangela Samarati, Jan Schallaboeck, Stuart Short, Dieter Sommer, Mario Verdicchio, Rigo Wenning

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This Deliverable is a final specification document describing the PrimeLife Privacy Policy Language (PPL) and engine. The PPL language is defined to express Access and usage control rules. The PPL final engine is designed to handle and enforce the policies written in PPL Conventions of this Document All sections in this specification are normative, unless otherwise indicated. The informative parts of this specification are identified by "Informative" labels within sections.